The importance of servicing your air conditioner

Jul 21, 2021

A few weeks ago, a customer contacted us with the concern that their thermostat was broken as the air conditioner was not heating their home sufficiently. Mark, our service technician, carried out a service on the air conditioner and found the filters had not been properly cleaned in a significant time, and appeared to be blocked.

The diagnosis was clear; the air conditioner was not heating the home adequately due to the blockage. Running through our 20 point checklist, Mark carried out a thorough service on the machine which included cleaning the filters. Once the service was completed and the filters cleaned, the air conditioner returned to its normal operation. Sometimes, something as simple as a filter clean can breathe new life into your unit, quite literally! We find filter cleans are often overlooked, which is why it’s important to check and clean them regularly.

As air conditioning units recycle air from within your home, filters collect dust and debris which will build up over time. This, ideally, must be maintained like every other appliance in your home; cleaning and/or replacing a clothes dryer filter, water filter, vent filters, and so on.

A blocked filter will:

• Not heat/cool the room/home adequately
• Cause your air conditioner to work harder due to the restricted air flow, which places pressure on the running of the machine and result in a higher electricity bill
• Cause allergens to build up, which is particularly harmful for those who suffer from asthma or allergies.

A well-maintained air conditioner will prevent dust and dirt building up within the air conditioners internal components. A poorly maintained air conditioner can lead to additional wear and tear and worst case, cause serious maintenance issues which may decrease the longevity of your machine and lead to having to replace your air conditioner sooner.

Just like your car, proper care of your air-conditioning unit will help to keep it running smoothly. You will also benefit from:

• Lower power bills
• Better air quality, which keeps your family healthy
• Longer life of your system
• Fewer repairs over time

If you have been meaning to book a preventative maintenance service on your air conditioning unit, contact Voltair for seamless, quality service and customer satisfaction.