Our Brands

Voltair Airconditioning are Canberra’s experts in the supply, installation, servicing and repairs of split systems, multihead and ducted reverse cycle air conditioning units of all major leading brands including Fujitsu, Mitsubishi Electric, Daikin and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.

At Voltair, we are constantly keeping up with the latest advances in air conditioning technology. We work with trusted, leading brands so we are always providing our customers with the best options for their unique heating and cooling needs.


Voltair Airconditioning is a Fujitsu Authorised Partner and warranty repairer. That means if you have any issues with your Fujitsu air conditioner, you will be able to experience Voltair’s high level of customer service without the need to involve any third parties.

Fujitsu are widely regarded as Australia's leading supplier of both commercial and residential air conditioning units.

Mitsubishi Electric

Voltair Airconditioning is a Mitsubishi Electric Authorised Dealer. This means we are approved and recognised by Mitsubishi Electric as a trusted supplier of their air conditioning products.

Mitsubishi Electric is a leading brand in the manufacture and supply of electrical and electronic products and systems in Australia, and they offer state-of-the art technology that is quiet, simple to use, energy efficient, and above all, reliable.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

Voltair has a history of installing Mitsubishi Heavy Industries systems for over 10 years. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries boast a rich history of superior air conditioning products, and their Japanese-engineered air conditioners are world-leaders in reliability, quietness and energy efficiency, and they have been proven to perform in Australia’s challenging climate.