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Split System Air Conditioning

Split system air conditioners have a lot of advantages. Because there is no ductwork needed to install a split system, they are quicker and simpler to install, making them cost-effective to set up. 

Split system air conditioners can both heat and cool your home or office, so they are often used year round. 

Split systems are also often quieter than ducted air conditioning, and they are easy to maintain by making sure they are regularly serviced and the filters are cleaned or replaced on a regular basis. 

Wall Mounted Split System Air Conditioning

Air conditions requirements in smaller areas can often be managed easily and inexpensively with reverse cycle air conditioning. Many families will have several units throughout their home.

Keep cool in summer with reverse cycle air conditioning:

  • With the push of a button on your remote control, you can keep your family comfortable
  • Reverse cycle air is easy to install and easy to maintain
  • It is very cost-effective

Reverse cycle air conditioning keeps you warm and comfortable in winter:

  • Better energy efficiency compared to conventional heating
  • Continues to provide consistent comfort in sub-zero temperatures
  • Perfect for the Canberra environment

Choosing the right air conditioning system will save you money. Let us help you select the most cost-effective system for your home. For larger properties or environments where seamless integration and whisper-quiet operation is important, you may prefer to install a ducted air conditioning system.

Split system air conditioners are a good solution for homes, apartments, or offices with little or no ceiling space for a ducted system to be installed. For example, buildings with a flat tin roof or apartments with no ceiling cavity space in between floors of the building. Split systems work well in double storey homes where space for a ducted system is limited due to lack of ceiling space.


  • Energy saving control options i.e. WiFi, economy options, sleep timers, human sensors
  • Energy saving inverter technology
  • Affordable and easy to operate
  • Individual temperature control: each individual room that is fitted with a split system air conditioner unit can be customised to the individual’s temperature and airflow preference
  • Designed to blend in with décor
  • Operating range suitable for Canberra’s cool winters and hot summers


Multi-head Split System

A multi-head split system has all the same positives as a conventional split system, with some added benefits around the control of your comfort. A multi-head system is more energy-efficient as you only need to heat or cool the room you require while being able to switch other units off when you’re not using that room.


  • Allows you to run multiple head units from just one outdoor machine (this is an energy-efficient way to heat and cool multiple rooms throughout your home or office)
  • Ideal if you are wanting to save space outside and not have multiple outdoor machines placed around your home (it doesn’t take up valuable space outside or spoil the look of your home by having many outdoor machines)
  • Individual temperature control allows each individual room that is installed with a split system to be customised to the individual’s temperature and airflow preferences
  • Energy-saving inverter technology
  • Operating range suitable for Canberra’s varying climate
  • Energy efficiency – rooms can be kept at a constant temperature in-home or office
  • Can be connected to various head units including cassette units, high wall split systems, floor consoles, bulkheads, or ducted air conditioning units.

Cassette Systems

If you are wanting something a little more discreet, then a cassette unit might be just what you are looking for.  With only a grille showing from the ceiling, it’s is an extremely discreet option for your home or business


  • Provides an even temperature distribution and all-round comfort throughout the room
  • Energy setting operations such as weekly timers to help reduce power costs
  • A great solution for homes or offices with little or no wall space to place a wall-mounted system
  • Operating range suitable for Canberra’s cool winters and hot summers

Ceiling and Floor Consoles

Ceiling and floor console units can be installed either closer to the floor or under the ceiling and can also be mounted in a recessed or semi-recessed space and even directly under a window frame.


  • Compact design
  • Great space-saving option for smaller homes and offices with limited wall space or a lot of glass windows and doors
  • Each room can be individually controlled, helping to save on running costs by only heating and cooling rooms as required.
  • Energy setting operations to help reduce power costs.
  • Operating range suitable for Canberra’s cool winters and hot summers

Our 5 Year Installation Warranty

All of our air conditioner installations are backed with a 5-year installation warranty for complete peace of mind.

Specialist Dealer & Partners


Voltair Airconditioning is a Fujitsu Authorised Partner and warranty repairer. That means if you have any issues with your Fujitsu air conditioner, you will be able to experience Voltair’s high level of customer service without the need to involve any third parties.

Fujitsu are widely regarded as Australia's leading supplier of both commercial and residential air conditioning units.

Mitsubishi Electric

Voltair Airconditioning is a Mitsubishi Electric Authorised Dealer. This means we are approved and recognised by Mitsubishi Electric as a trusted supplier of their air conditioning products.

Mitsubishi Electric is a leading brand in the manufacture and supply of electrical and electronic products and systems in Australia, and they offer state-of-the art technology that is quiet, simple to use, energy efficient, and above all, reliable.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

Voltair has a history of installing Mitsubishi Heavy Industries systems for over 10 years. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries boast a rich history of superior air conditioning products, and their Japanese-engineered air conditioners are world-leaders in reliability, quietness and energy efficiency, and they have been proven to perform in Australia’s challenging climate.

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An outstanding experience. The pricing was the best quote of many and the installation was timely and without issue. Steve and his support team were without exception professional, efficient, communicative and a pleasure to deal with. Could not recommend Steve highly enough.

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Steve and his team are the industry standard of customer service, quality workmanship and competitive price that I've had the privilege of experiencing as part of our ducted air-conditioning installation. From our initial quote, the transparency in the expertise and advice that Steve provided gave us the confidence that we were dealing with the right people.

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