Why you need AirClean Filters for your ducted system

Dec 8, 2021

Do you have a ducted air conditioning system, but still face the brunt of Canberra’s hay fever problems? Well, the AirClean Filter can improve your quality of life by filtering out small particles and irritants. By utilising its unique design, the AirClean Filter can provide 65% more airflow into your home or office space.

Why is the AirClean Filter better for your health?

The AirClean Filter works to reduce the number of harmful pollutants present in your environment. This includes the presence of:

  • Allergens,
  • mould,
  • mould spores,
  • lint, and
  • dust mites in your home.

Approved by the National Asthma Council’s Australia’s Sensitive Choice program, the AirClean Filter has been identified as beneficial for people who are affected by asthma and allergies. The AirClean Filter is the only disposable filter brand to sport the blue butterfly symbol, which signifies its recognition by the Sensitive Choice program.

You might not be affected by asthma and allergies, but there are still many benefits to purchasing an AirClean Filter for your airconditioning system.

The AirClean Filter is both long-life and disposable. Being disposable, the collected pollutants can be physically removed from your space, creating a cleaner environment. The AirClean Filter’s long life means that this replacement is only required on an annual basis.

The AirClean Filter provides up to 65% more airflow and 60% less resistance than competitors, meaning they catch more pollutants, improve your ducted air conditioner performance, and help to reduce energy costs.

How is the AirClean Filter different from the competition?

The AirClean Filter is suitable for both existing and pre-existing ducted systems. Its unique design allows for 70% more pleats than v-form competitors, allowing the AirClean Filter to collect more dust with a lower air pressure drop.

The hot melt seal on the frame allows for less air to bypass the filter, also increasing the AirClean’s efficiency. Finally, the consistent filter thickness, and optional length inserts, make the installation of the AirClean Filter easy and safe.

So, if you are serious about cleaner living, and want to find an affordable solution, contact Voltair to find out more about installing the AirClean Filter into your ducted air conditioning system.