The Voltair Difference: Colorbond vs plastic covers

May 4, 2021

At Voltair, we pride ourselves on doing things differently. This does not mean reinventing the wheel of air conditioning, but we do believe that quality, attention to detail and focusing on the benefits for our customers is key to why we do what we do.
As an air conditioning provider, we have heard many stories from clients over the years – their previous installer cutting corners or costs to attempt to close on a sale without considering the finer details that will make a big difference in your home or business. For every Voltair installation, we guide you towards the solution that best suits your needs and ensure we answer all your questions.

One question we often get asked is why we use certain finishing touches, like a Colorbond cover over the pipes on the exterior of the home instead of a plastic pipe cover.

Applying plastic covers to pipes is a general solution that is not highly adaptable – the covers fade and wear over time, they often do not stay in place and slide down and the plastic can be flimsy and less durable.

The much more durable Colorbond covers made of metal are neat and can be matched to the colour of your brickwork of or on your home, so the piping remains discreet. It will keep its’ colour for years to come, will not slip off the piping and will require no post-installation maintenance.

Your home is often your biggest investment for yourself and your family and investing in quality materials and systems can extend the life of the home and its’ value. If you value a quality air conditioning system to improve your home space, invest in the right kind of materials and finishes with Voltair.

We have a 5-year installation warranty and we are 5 star rated on Google reviews!

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